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Key Features

Global dashboard

All your servers and applications in one beautiful dashboard.

Exception reporting

Receive alerts when critical events happens in your application.

CPU / Memory monitoring

We provide you with 14 days of data retention to process behavior analysis.

Optimize your app

We give you sensors,histograms, counters, meters to monitor audit and optimize your code

Load balancer

Improve performances by automatically load balance multiple copies of your web app.

Zero downtime reload

PM2 allows you to update your application without any downtime.

In-depth app controle

Trigger functions inside your apps, directly from Keymetrics.

Transaction tracing

Analyze the breakdown of your HTTP routes to optimize your app performance.

Custom events

Create and emit custom events from your code to analyse them in Keymetrics

A complete toolset to harden and monitor your Node.js application

2 minutes to integrate, no configuration needed

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Keymetrics is built on top of PM2

A performance application manager for Node.JS apps

We Open Sourced PM2 and Developers love it
With over 30,000,000+ downloads

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