PM2 0.11 release

by Alexandre Strzelewicz -

PM2 and Keymetrics I/O are taking off!

The last few weeks have been quite busy! We are moving hand in hand with Open Source contributors, freelances around the world and our own taskforce to enhance everything.

Once again, we upgraded PM2 and we are proud to anounce this new 0.11 release. This version integrates features that had been requested for a while, as well as new nifty tools!

This includes:

Multi-user support and permissions

You can now host multiple PM2s on your server and set the right permissions for each and every one of them. How so? PM2 switched from TCP sockets to Unix Sockets. If you still need the TCP socket, an upgrade will be made in the next weeks to fall back on it.

Revision control parsing

The ability to receive more metadata about your running process looked important to us.

That's why we implemented a revision control parser and now you can see this while doing a:

$ pm2 describe <process_id>

You will get a second table called revision control metadata.

It's compatible with Git, Subversion and Mercurial.

TreeKill process

Now PM2 is able to kill an entire tree of processes, in case you spawned any process in your main application.

Reload refactoring

Our new developer Joni Shkurti, a hard core C++ developer (:, made the PM2's reload functions work like a breeze.

Still, remember that the cluster_mode that gives you the ability to reload in 0sec and to do automatic load balancing is still dedicated for the Node.js 0.11.x. You can try it with Node 0.10.x, but you should not use it in production. Further explanations here.


  • PM2 Windows support is on its way and already available in beta
WIN$ npm install git:// -g  
  • Keymetrics I/O will be available in beta mode during the next week

We really hope you like all these enhancements, we do our best to provide you the best process manager for Node.js.
And long live to Node.js!

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