The recursive effect: your app using your app

Do you develop technical apps? Maybe you already found a way to make your app use your own app. Let's take the example of, a monitoring solution dedicated to Node.JS. is developped in Node.JS with a lot of micro services communicating between one another. In order to manage all theses process fleet, by the way, we use PM2, a process manager for Node.JS which is based on. Then monitors PM2 and all managed apps. To sum it up, we used (1) Key…

Alexandre Strzelewicz

Manage processes programmatically with PM2

Since PM2 v0.9 the code has been refactored, and now it's much more modulable. We directly exposed PM2 CLI commands (command line interface) to a seamless API (application programming interface). You can now embed a process management / code daemonization logic to your application with ease and use PM2 command directly from your code. Simple example You can access to the example here: First, add PM2 to your package.json: $ npm install pm2 --save…

Alexandre Strzelewicz

Deploy and iterate faster, hello ecosystem.json

We announced it at NodeJS paris meetup (here are the slides) and we did it! For the release of PM2 0.9.x, a new awesome and simple feature will make your life much easier. We embedded a modified version of deploy from the Node.js Mozart, TJ Holowaychuk and we also refactored the JSON application declaration. Internally it's a simple bash script that doesn't need any external dependencies to be installed. Here are the features of this embedded deploy system: $ pm2 deploy <configuration_file&g…

Alexandre Strzelewicz

Advanced NGINX/PM2 server

This tutorial is about setting up an hardened NGINX/PM2 combo server (on ubuntu). Connecting via SSH First let's copy some SSH keys to facilitate connections to the remote server: $ ssh-keygen -t rsa # generate pub/priv keys $ ssh-copy-id # copy key to target server Now let's SSH to it: $ ssh Usefull package These packages are important for HTTPS connections, node.js: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get upgrade $ sudo apt-get install htop…

Alexandre Strzelewicz

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