19 December 2016


We just released PM2 2.2.x that ship:
- Startup system refactor (systemd, upstart, launchd support) - Responsive CLI - APT PM2 installation

Check the full Changelog here: https://github.com/Unitech/pm2/releases

14 December 2016

Now you are able to login directly with Github!
If you have already an account on Keymetrics you can go to your profile page and enable the Github integration.


07 December 2016

We are currently looking for a skilled UX/UI designer to enhance the current dashboard and draft the future Keymetrics interface! If you know a talented designer who likes the underworld of computers, please give him the word ;-) Our inspiration

We are reachable via contact@keymetrics.io or just drop a message by clicking on the support button at the bottom of this page!


08 November 2016

We just released PM2 2.1.x!


The CLI is now faster, there is a better process flow (reload/restarts), Windows API fixes, a better pm2-docker command and Immutable Environment.
You can even choose the Node.js version runtime by using the attribute "interpreter" : "node@6" in you process file.

The Graceful Shutdown / SIGINT feature now works for any kind of processes.

Here is the CHANGELOG, here is the doc to upgrade PM2
With us your Node.js application will never stop ;)

19 October 2016

At Keymetrics, Realtime application overview is something unique. That's why we hardened the Realtime system, now allowing to have a persistent, unbreakable connection and allowing to consult multiple different Buckets at the same time.


(e.g. this is actually the websocket logo :))

12 October 2016

Security, Interoperability and Scalability are important concerns at Keymetrics. That's why we replaced the previous Cookie/Session auth system by a standardized OAUTH2 auth flow.

Soon new Interface, new Applications (CLI based...) will be available! Stay tuned.


28 September 2016

In the dashboard page, you can now rename your server by clicking on it:


16 September 2016

Big day yesterday, PM2 V2 Codename BRADBURY has been released! Check our blog article for more details


14 September 2016

Once you have selected an application (navbar filter) you can now reload or restart all applications with only one button


13 September 2016

You can now attach a Custom Note to each server in order to track some important informations.

Just click on the "Note" Button on the top-right of the server box and a TextArea will appear.