PM2 2.8
23 November 2017

PM2 2.8 has been released

Notable fixes:
- When running in cluster mode, popup window not shown anymore on Windows - Support for Node 9 - import ES6 syntax supported - Progress on Keymetrics on-premise - 3rd party module reporting

PM2 2.7
15 September 2017

PM2 2.7 has been released!

Notable changes:

  • pm2 unmonit fixes
  • #3001 dump-backup feature
  • #3134 edge case error handling
  • #3085 honor every pm2 args on restart
  • #3046 better error message if pm2 is misconfigured
  • #3058 pm2-docker now does not write logs by default
  • #3045 continue to broadcast on the bus system even if logs are disabled
  • [Docker] Auto Exit when no application is running
  • [Beta Container Support] beta pm2 start app.js --container Full Release Changelog

Upcoming Keymetrics features:

  • Keymetrics front-end is being totally rewritten from scratch and we hope to release the new interface soon
  • Mid october we will increase data retention from 14 days to 60 days for all premium customers
PM2 2.6
20 July 2017

PM2 2.6 has been released!

Notables changes:
- Improvement of the code line attached to Exceptions on Keymetrics - Improvement of the graceful reload/restart system - Improvement of the pm2-docker CLI - New pm2-runtime command, a drop-in replacement of the Node binary with auto restart and clustering - New --parallel attribute to declare concurrent actions on restart/reload

Checkout the full changelog here

PM2 2.5
09 June 2017

PM2 has been released under the 2.5.0 version (previous 2.4.6).

Notable changes:
- Full support of Node.js V8.0/1 - $ pm2 login allow to connect a local pm2 to a target bucket - $ pm2 monitor/unmonitor allow to select which process to monitor - $ pm2 link now append a random uuid at the end of hostname - multiple bug fixes

To update the procedure is simple:

$ npm install pm2@latest -g ; pm2 update

Checkout the full changelog here

Transaction Tracing
05 May 2017

After 6 months of hard work, we are excited to announce that the new Transaction Tracing feature is available today!

It allows you to get code level insights, which queries are executed in each route. It support Redis, MongoDB, PgSQL, MySQL and outbound queries.

Just go to the Transaction Tracing page and follow the steps!


One-time Password
05 May 2017

You can now increase your account security by activating the OTP.
Just go to your user profile page to activate this new feature.

keymetrics-api module
27 April 2017

You can now directly interact with Keymetrics via the official API wrapper! The library works for both browser and server.

Check it out here: keymetrics/keymetrics-api


Log into the future
05 April 2017

New login page: futuristic and resolutely tech-oriented.

We hope you like it! Let us know what you think on Github or on our Slack

A revamped UI
22 March 2017

As you might have noticed we revamped the visual experience of your Keymetrics dashboard, the icons, the graphs, the colors and the overall experience is a bit different!

We hope you'll appreciate it, we would love to have your feedbacks either on Github OR on our Slack

PM2@2.4.x released
01 March 2017

Checkout the article about the latest PM2 release with all new features!

We are also working on a performant, low overhead Transaction Tracing System that will be available soon!

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