Empower your Node.js application, now.


$0 per month


  • Connect up to 2 servers
  • 0 day data retention
  • 10 email notifications
  • Realtime Dashboard only
  • 1 user


$65 per month


  • Connect up to 4 servers
  • 14 days data retention
  • Unlimited email notifications
  • Unlimited Custom Actions & metrics
  • Realtime application logs
  • Unlimited users
  • Transaction Tracing
  • CPU & Memory Profilng
  • Application event management
  • Deployment reporting
  • 3rd party notifications (slack, webhook)



  • On-Site Training
  • 60 days data retention
  • Up to 256 hosts connectable
  • On-prem or Dedicated instance
  • Commercial License
  • LDAP integration
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to Private Slack

Frequently asked questions

What is a process?

A 'process' represents a system process, put simply each entry in PM2 list is a process. It can be a worker in a cluster, a app in fork mode or a module.

What is a server?

A 'server' represents one PM2 instance. Normally, each bare metal server/container/VM have one PM2 instance.

Are there any usage or rate limits?

All paid plans comes with unlimited usage depending on the number of processes you paid for. If you exceed the number of processes, our system will automatically ignore the exceeding processes.

If the pricing changes, will I have to pay the difference?

No. While we reserve the right to change the pricing, you will always be charged the same price agreed upfront.

Is there any trial?

Yes. We have a trial for one week available but we handle each trial request either via our zendesk support or contact@keymetrics.io

Can I pay yearly?

Yes. It also gives you a 20% discount on your subscription.

Is there a free plan?

PM2 will always be free if your usage fits with the current license. Keymetrics also offers a free plan with realtime dashboard only (no emails, no notifications, no data storage)

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. After you cancel your subscription, you won't be charged again.

Do you have any Enterprise or on-premises plan?

We do yearly enterprise licenses and contracts for companies looking for a customized or on-premise solution. Please send an email to enterprise@keymetrics.io for more information

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