Keymetrics Team

We believe in Node.js as a highly efficient technology that will replace old sequential languages to write APIs of tomorrow.

APIs are everywhere. APIs must support high load. APIs must be simple. APIs must be asynchronous.

Node.js is the answer to this need.

Alexandre Strzelewicz

Founder & CEO

Technologist and entrepreneur behind the famous Open Source Process Manager PM2, I've founded Keymetrics as a way of making Node.js applications more reliable and predictible.
I'm passionated about technology and making software more human.
Twitter: @strzel_a
Github: Unitech

Victor Matei


After working for two years as a communication and marketing manager at BlaBlaCar, building community and heading visibility partnerships for France, I joined Keymetrics as COO, attracted by the the mission of structuring the rocketing growth of a young tech start-up. Having lived for two years in the US and Brazil, making artistic & technical projects in festivals like Burning Man, I am also sensitive to the core mission of Keymetrics which is to make the invisible world more real and tangible.
Twitter: @victormatei1

Aymeric Lavit D'Hautefort

Lead Dev Keymetrics

Cradled by Science Fiction, I'm passionate about technology and the possibilities it offers us. Being part of Keymetrics allows me to tinker with optimisation and pattern finding in the fast-paced Node JS environment. Also on a quest to create a robot with a sense of humor.
Github: alavit-d

Antoine Bluchet

PM2 maintainer - FullStack developer

Prolific Open Source contributor, Antoine is one of the first serious contributor of PM2 and also community manager.
Twitter: @s0yuka
Github: Soyuka

Valentin Marchaud

Backend Developer / Devops

Grumpy developer, I enjoy coding when it becomes challenging, especially tackling scalability and performances problems. Keymetrics aims to fix these issues for developers so it's where I want to help.
Github: vmarchaud
Twitter: @ThisIsMac47

Wadii Zaim

(soon to be) Hackerman

Curious listener, I am seeking a lifelong learning. Experiencing new things, struggling to understand and to master them is my dope. After starting in finance I quickly got attracted by the insanely great challenges proposed by the startup world and specialized in data analytics. That's what I love at Keymetrics which is the perfect place to do good through technology and to tacle the rapid growth of the Node.Js environment ! Previously lived in Singapore and Berlin (@foodpanda).
Twitter: @WadiiZaim
Linkedin: Linkedin

Shubham Sharma

Head of Growth

Sold my first website at 15 and since then worked as a freelancer before joining Mailjet as Developer evangelist. Now in charge of Dev Growth @ Keymetrics. I also make youtube videos on tech popularization each week, make sure you check it out and subscribe!
Youtube: Digital Wink
Twitter: @shub_s

Florian Hermouet-Joscht

FullStack Intern

Very curious, I’m interested by new technologies since I was young. I began by dissassembling and reassembling all that was around me. Later, I started to tweak electronics and computers. Since then, I love to mix hardware and software.
Github: f-hj

Jimi Maïquez

Fullstack Intern

I love discovering new stuff, be it food flavors or programming languages. Also a big fan of soccer, what's better than doing some arounds the world between programming sessions?

Github: ItsJimi
Twitter: @Its_me_Jimi